Can My Divorce Decree Be Modified?

For many couples, a divorce signals the end of a relationship. Each spouse in a relationship can move on to bigger and better things, start a new relationship, move to a different state, and so on. However, this ease of change is harder for people who had children during the marriage or who have to pay spousal support after the relationship is over.

Because the court is designed to be a place of fairness, a judge will determine how best to distribute property, custody, and spousal support after the marriage is over. However, life never remains static. People often decide to move away, change their jobs, or are even fired. If you experience a significant life change, the court will allow you to make modifications to your divorce decree.

For example, if a father making child support and spousal support payments loses his job, he can ask the court to make a divorce modification to adjust the payments to a lower amount or postpone them until he can find another employment situation. Likewise, if a mother begins dating someone the father considers dangerous, he can ask the court to modify the child custody arrangement so he has full physical custody of the kids.

Keep in mind that the court doesn’t change a divorce decree lightly. A judge would likely be unwilling to change his or her mind if he or she thought the original arrangement was fair, especially if the modification is made out of a flight of fancy.

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