What If My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Kids?

When you and your partner decide to part ways, it can be a difficult process for everyone involved. But when children are also part of the equation, the situation can become even more complicated. As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids and that includes being able to spend quality time with them. Unfortunately, there may be times when your ex-partner won’t let you see your children or refuses to cooperate with a court-ordered custody or visitation agreement.

This situation can seem incredibly unfair and leave you feeling helpless as a parent who just wants to have an active role in their child's life. You may feel powerless against the court system and frustrated by how long this process is taking or lack of progress made on both sides. The Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano Jr., LLC is here to help. We understand that navigating the family law system can be complex and intimidating, but we are here to provide you with the legal advice and guidance you need when your ex won't let you see your kids.

Enforcement of an Existing Court Order

If you have an existing custody or visitation agreement with your ex-partner, but they are not adhering to the terms of the court order, then it is important that you take action. The first step in enforcing a court order is to document any violations made by your ex-partner. In addition to keeping records of missed visits and other infractions, make sure to save any emails or text messages sent from them regarding these issues as well. This evidence will be helpful when filing for enforcement with the court.

Once you have collected all relevant evidence, it’s time to file for enforcement with the family law courts in your area. In New York, this process typically involves filing a petition to enforce your court order with the appropriate court. After the petition is filed, you will go before a judge who can decide if enforcement of the order is necessary and what type of sanctions or penalties should be put in place.

Modifying an Existing Court Order

If you have an existing agreement with your ex-partner but feel that it’s no longer working for either party then it might be time to consider modifying the original court order. You will need to demonstrate to the court that there have been significant changes that have taken place since the original ruling was made such as a change in employment status or living arrangements. It’s important to provide evidence that shows how these changes will benefit both parties and why modification would be beneficial overall.

We will always strive to find an equitable solution through mediation or negotiation, if possible. In cases where these methods are not successful, we are also prepared to take your case to court so that you can fight for the custody rights of your children. We believe in providing quality representation for each of our clients and will work diligently to ensure a fair outcome for all parties involved.

Whether you are looking to enforce or modify an existing agreement, we can help. At the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano Jr., LLC, we understand how important it is to have a relationship with your children and will work hard to ensure that your rights as a parent are upheld in family court.

If you are dealing with an ex-partner who won’t let you see your kids, contact us online or call us at (845) 605-4330 for more information about how we can help you get the custody and visitation arrangement you need.

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