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Greater Demand for High Net Worth Divorce During COVID-19 Pandemic

In Times Like This, Timing Is Key

Traditional wedding vows often include a promise to offer love and support in good times and in bad, but how about when a pandemic triggers a life-altering social, medical and financial situation that could take years to restore? These are difficult times to say the least, and the entire world is paying a hefty price, especially couples. Without school, work and activities acting as physical barriers for married couples, they (and their children) are forced to remain indoors until further notice, creating irreparable friction.

Law firms are experiencing a significant increase in divorce requests. We are equipped to help.

Divorce is never a simple experience to live through, especially when the decision comes abruptly. There are countless factors that play a significant role in the divorce process, such as custody, finances, pension plans, business assets and commercial real estate. In the case of high net worth divorces, there is no better time to request one than right now. With assets and incomes taking a hard hit amid this economic downturn, high net worth spouses have a better chance at receiving a lower settlement.

Essentially, if you’re seeking a reasonable explanation for requesting a divorce, the economic landscape is a leading argument. As the economy is hurting, your net worth is lowering. You can entrust the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC to treat your case with the highest respect, dignity, and privacy. As reputable professionals, we are dedicated to representing your high net worth divorce case with confidentiality, even if your case must go to trial. We ensure limited liability and legal exposure for your family at all costs.

Our successful reputation for guiding high-income couples every step of the way includes matters like:

  • Equitable distribution of inheritances, assets, properties, or debts
  • Identification of non-marital assets
  • Determining need for child support or spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody and visitation arrangements

You and your family will likely face changes that pose permanent implications, emphasizing the importance of having our pragmatic, knowledgeable litigators to guide you to your desired outcome. Not only do we possess the robust skills and experience needed for a high asset divorce case, but we also provide supportive and encouraging legal counsel throughout.

Our high net worth divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC understand your overwhelming and emotional circumstances. Contact us as soon as possible to secure our representation for your time-sensitive case.