COVID-19 & Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Dutchess County

COVID-19 has left many people stuck at home unable to leave for long periods of time. For those who suffer from domestic violence, this situation is a dangerous one. Without a way to escape and find time away from abusive family members, domestic violence cases have already increased throughout the country.

If you are suffering from an abusive partner, there are some things you should know. First, it is possible to protect yourself through protective orders and temporary assistance. Second, a Dutchess County family law attorney can make it much easier for you to contact the appropriate parties and work toward a better outcome.

Obtaining Emergency Assistance

For many victims of domestic violence, the question isn't if they should leave their situation, but how to do it. Because of the rampant job loss caused by COVID-19 closures, New York has passed emergency measures that make Temporary Assistance benefits easier to obtain. With some financial assistance, it is will be more possible to find a better living situation and get back on your feet.

Unfortunately, offices for these services are closed to visitors and only take requests online or over the phone. With help from an attorney, you can properly file the right paperwork and speak with the appropriate parties to get the care you need. The Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC can help.

Filing a Protective Order

The other issue about protecting yourself from domestic violence is making sure you stay safe from harm. Once you have financial assistance taken care of, you need to ensure that an abuser is effectively discouraged from contacting or hurting you. This can be achieved through an order of protection.

An order of protection will require offending parties to:

  • Move out of your home
  • Surrender any guns in their possession
  • Furnish child support payments
  • Stay away from you and your loved ones

Again, courts that normally handle these matters are currently closed, making it important for you to contact an experienced attorney who can speak with the appropriate parties on your behalf. In some instances, protective orders can be put in place within the day, so it is important to act quickly.

Ensure that you and your loved ones are protected. Call (845) 605-4330 or contact the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC online for more information.