Is There Any Hope When No One Sees My Ex's True Colors?

It is no wonder that the moment someone is involved in a court case, they present the best versions of themselves. Just a quick online search can show you how to dress and act in a courtroom, allowing anyone to change their attitude and appearance before a judge. However, just because someone cleans up before court does not indicate an accurate reflection of the person they are, and when the judge is hoodwinked by this mirage, it can be easy to feel discouraged.

One of the best things that you can do when the version that you ex presents to the court is not the truest reflection of their personality is to hire the right attorney for your case. An experienced and resourceful family law attorney can use important information to highlight your ex's true colors.

How Following the Instructions of Your Attorney Can Help

One client that used my firm's services was in a situation where the court was unable to recognize him for the person that he was, and instead ruled against him. On first meeting this client, he expressed distress that the lawyers he had previously worked with did not fight for him, allowing him to go back and forth to court to litigate with his ex. The attorney hired for this client was unwilling to speak with my client and the court was unwilling to see his ex for what she was.

According to his testimony, his former wife presented herself as an upstanding mother but suffered from a severe drinking problem. The child support money being paid was not used for the care of the children, but for the needs of the mother instea. However, in instances like this, it is not long before the ex will mess up and reveal their true persona.

Based on this information, I instructed my client to:

  • Follow my advice to the letter
  • Remain patient with the legal process

Since these cases are often frustrating and the court can be slow to look for any information against a spouse, it can always be unsettling to wait to see how these cases work out. My client followed my advice through and through, whcih worked out in his favor.

At the end of my time with the client, the judge recognized that he was a hardworking man with integrity that loved his children more than life. The ex's gig was up! Custody was eventually taken away from the mother and awarded to the father in this case.

The bottom line is, don't give up when the court seems to be enamored with your ex and don't allow yourself to retain the services of an attorney that will not fight for you. No one is able to trick the court for that long, and when your lawyer is willing to put in the work to wear your ex down, you won't be left suffering due to the court's blindness to the truth.

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