New study: more divorced or separated women living (happily) alone

It's no secret that attitudes about divorce have changed dramatically in just a few generations. Divorce no longer carries the stigma it once did, and many individuals go on to lead even happier lives after they have ended a marriage.

Women in particular seem to be benefiting from modern attitudes toward divorce. According to recent research, not only are more women than ever getting divorced or separated; they also tend to be happier after the split.

Women tend to experience elevated levels of happiness for up to 5 years after divorce

A new report called "Marriage: More Than A Century Of Change" was released from the National Center for Marriage and Family Research in the summer of 2013. The report found that today, 15 percent of American women are divorced or separated - in 1920, less than one percent of women in the United States were divorced or separated.

The high percentage of women who are no longer in a marriage represents the greater variety of options and the freedom of choice enjoyed by American women in the 21st Century. In modern times, women are far more likely to seek a divorce than men; more than two thirds of the divorces filed in the United States are filed by women. According to another recent study published in the journal Economica, this trend may make sense in light of the greater levels of happiness divorced women tend to experience.

The Economica study followed more than 10,000 individuals between the ages of 16 and 60 over the course of 20 years. Before and after major life events, participants were asked to rate their happiness levels. The women in the study reported being significantly happier than usual after a divorce. While men also gained a slight increase in happiness after the finalization of a divorce, the increase was more modest with men, and did not last as long; elevated happiness levels for women extended as long as five years after a divorce.

Contact a family law attorney to explore your legal options

Facing divorce can be challenging. It is always difficult to venture into the unknown. But, recent research shows that millions have gone before you in pursuing a divorce, and ended up happier for it.

If a divorce might be in your future, you should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your family law attorney can help you devise a strategy for your divorce that will see you through the process to your new happier, single life. Call a divorce lawyer today to find out how you can move forward from a marriage that is no longer working.

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