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5 Legal Things You Can Do to Prepare for Divorce

Making the Process Smooth and Manageable

The demand for divorce is skyrocketing during COVID-19 for various reasons including quarantine. Being under the same roof 24/7 for several months can damage even the healthiest relationships. Circumstances such as unemployment, loss of lives, lack of income and instability overall can take a dramatic toll on people, including married couples, resulting in a higher demand for divorces during COVID-19.

New York Divorce lawyers like ourselves have received an increasing amount of calls over the last few months from people wishing to file for divorce. But while the demand for divorce is high, the supply of functioning courts and court officials is low. Court schedules across New York are delayed out of concern for public safety, and court operations are very slow at this time. Thus, we think it’s important to address how to legally prepare for divorce in 5 straightforward steps:

  1. Hire the right knowledgeable experienced divorce attorney to help guide and advise you through the process.
  2. Gather your tax returns and W2s/1099s/K1s, etc. for the last 3 years.
  3. Gather your most recent bank account statements and pension, deferred compensation and other retirement plan statements dating back at least 3 years.
  4. Obtain the form (from your attorney) and prepare your net worth statement with attachments.
  5. Locate and copy your title, purchase and/or transfer documents for all major assets acquired during the marriage, including the marital home, rental property, other real property, business interests, cars, etc.

Following these five steps will make the process tremendously easier for you in terms of efficiency. COVID-19 has created several obstacles for legal proceedings, but we are determined to help you achieve your goals while staying safe to reduce the spread of the disease. An essential part of achieving your goals starts with completing these five things, and we can guide you every step of the way. Should you have questions or concerns while completing these steps, please don’t hesitate to call us at (845) 605-4330 for help!

We Can Help You Gain Peace of Mind

There’s no question that having a divorce lawyer could make the process easier for you. However, the difference between our divorce attorneys and standard divorce attorneys is that we are leaders in the field of family law; our extensive experience and personalized approach earned us a track record for satisfied clients.

As leaders in the field, we recognize that dealing with divorce can be trying, and provide customized solutions to best accomplish your wishes. However, these unprecedented times require an added amount of compassion, urgency and efficiency for your case. Thus, you can depend on the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC to treat your situation with the utmost care and attention that it deserves.

To us, you are a human being rather than a case number. We welcome you to reach out to us and learn how we can help you navigate your situation and reach a satisfactory solution.