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Efficiently Managing Your CEO Divorce


While divorces can be as unique as snowflakes, the senior executive divorce has specific challenges that are unique to CEO or high net worth divorces, regardless of what industry the senior executive is in. What challenges are we referring to? More specifically, the lack of time to devote to the various divorce-related tasks, and trouble grasping the inability to control the divorce process.

People who run successful companies are fully engaged in the day-to-day operations of running a business. They’re experts at delegating, networking, leading teams, managing people, and improving profit margins. In effect, they have little time to do much else, let alone put attention on their personal lives – all of their focus is on running the business.

If you are a senior level executive and you can identify with the above, you’ll need to either engage assistants to gather the paperwork needed for your divorce, or you’ll have to do it yourself. As high net worth divorce attorneys, obtaining information from CEOs in a timely manner can prove challenging.

In the case of executives, they typically have knowledge and direct access to their financial account information, such as taxes, credit card information, mortgage documents, bank account numbers, 401(k) statements, real estate documents and so on, but this access places the burden of providing these records on their shoulders. And one of the biggest issues we encounter is too much of a time lag in regards to gathering these records.

If a client’s disclosure is spotty (incomplete), or if they take too long to provide the necessary financial records, he or she can be accused of concealment or being less than honest, which can diminish their credibility in court.

If you are a senior-level executive, it’s important to understand that if you cause unnecessary delays, it can lead to adverse consequences in your divorce case. Thus, it’s critical to place sufficient attention on the timeframes allotted in your case.

We Can Help with Time Efficiency

At the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC, we handle high-profile divorces every day. As such, we understand how busy you are and to help things move along, we employ a variety of measures to help you organize your time, such as scheduling meetings well in advance, and accommodating your busy schedule. We can also send an agenda prior to meetings so you can prepare and include topics you want addressed.

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Our goal is to adopt a mutually-beneficial strategy that will reduce the burden of your divorce and move things forward as efficiently as possible. To get started, contact our Dutchess County divorce firm at (845) 605-4330.