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Driver License Suspensions in New York


Most licensed drivers in New York are well-aware that their driver licenses can be suspended for having too many speeding tickets on their record and for drunk driving, but that’s only the beginning. In reality, there are several reasons why someone’s New York driver license might be suspended, which we’re going to explain in this article.

If you are convicted of a serious traffic violation, such as drunk or drugged driving (DWI), your license can be suspended. It can also be suspended if you accumulate too many points on your driving record. Remember, if your driver license is suspended or revoked, it’s a crime to drive when your license is invalid and can lead to fines and incarceration.

Definite vs. Indefinite Suspensions

When your license is suspended, it means your driving privilege is taken away temporarily. In New York, there are two types of driver license suspensions: definite and indefinite. If your suspension is definite, it means it has a start and end date. If it’s indefinite, the suspension does not have an end date and the suspension will continue until you take the necessary action.

If you are subject to a definite suspension, you will receive a definite suspension order, which will tell you when the suspension will end. However, you cannot simply resume driving when the suspension ends. Instead, you must pay a termination fee and get a valid driver license before you get back behind the wheel.

Why are NY licenses suspended?

  • The driver failed to obtain automobile liability insurance.
  • The driver was convicted of a drug or alcohol-related DWI.
  • The driver received too many traffic tickets.
  • The teenage driver did not stick to the rules for young drivers.

Why do people receive indefinite suspensions?

  • The driver failed to pay a traffic ticket or failed to appear.
  • The driver failed to report a car accident.
  • The driver failed to pay child support.
  • The driver owes New York State taxes.
  • The driver did not obtain liability insurance.

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To learn more about drug and alcohol-related violations, click here. If you need assistance with a license suspension or revocation issue due to criminal charges or child support arrears, contact our Dutchess County criminal defense and family law firm for assistance.