3 Common Mistakes Dads Make During Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but it can be especially hard for parents. Likewise, it can be easier for a dad to make a mistake during the divorce process and, as a result, lose more time with his kids than he would want. Here are 3 common mistakes dads tend to make so you can avoid them during your own divorce process.

Moving Out of Your Home

While you may not want to live with your ex anymore, moving out of the house before the divorce proceeding is a massive mistake if you want to share custody of the kids. By moving out of the house and leaving the kids with your spouse, you are essentially making a statement to your future child custody judge that you are comfortable leaving your kids with your ex and living apart from them. The judge may see this action as the go-ahead for giving full physical custody to your ex.

Failing to Respond

Some men think that by not responding to the served divorce and not acknowledging anything related to the proceeding, they can prevent the separation from happening. This couldn’t be more untrue. By not responding to any legal actions, you are giving the court permission to abide by whatever terms your spouse set when filing for divorce. For example, if your spouse filed for divorce and asked the court for full custody, the court is more likely to grant it than if you responded to the divorce and argued for more time with your kids.

Failing to Research

If your spouse has served you with a divorce, or you have served your spouse with a divorce, it’s time to do some serious research on the outcomes of most New York divorces. How much can you expect to spend on the average divorce? Is there a way to make it a little easier? Once you start looking into attorneys, you can also do more research on their qualifications and the outcomes of their previous cases.

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