Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During Your First Meeting

For many of us, divorce might be the first encounter we ever have with the law, which might make it seem intimidating and overwhelming. However, there is no reason to be nervous as long as you are prepared. When meeting with your divorce attorney for your initial consultation, you will want to make the most out of it and collect as much information as possible. Not preparing the right questions or simply forgetting to ask them could result in you having to pay the attorney to answer them later on.

Here are the questions you should ask during your first meeting:

Structure of attorney fees: It is important to understand how the attorney will bill you for time spent on your case. Is it a fixed fee or will he or she bill you per hour? Considering that some divorces can take a considerable amount of time, knowing how an attorney bills his or her clients is critical.

Divorce procedures: It would be impossible for any attorney to tell you how long your divorce case will take, but he or she should be able to provide a rough estimate of the timeline. Since divorce is not the only thing on your plate, you should seek some clarity and knowledge regarding the divorce procedures and the time required to prepare for them.

Spousal support: Whether you are the spouse who is seeking support or you are concerned about having to make payments, the question of spousal support should arise during your initial consultation. In many cases, eligibility for spousal support can depend on the length of the marriage, discrepancies in income, and whether or not you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse stays home to raise any children you two had together.

Child custody: Ask your attorney what your chances are of obtaining custody of your children. Having an understanding of the issues you might face when vying for custody will help you become better prepared to address them and improve your chances.

Diving assets: Since the formula for asset division varies between states, it is important to ask your attorney what the framework is for splitting assets and property in your state.

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