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5 Tips to Keep Your Divorce as Simple as Possible


While no divorce is ever an enjoyable experience. People can experience many different types of losses during a divorce, including the loss of a home, security, intimacy, companionship, finances, and even one’s family, just to name a few. With that being said, divorce does not always have to be an emotionally-charged and contentious matter. There are certain strategies that divorcing couples can learn to simplify their separation and keep their departure from their relationship as peaceful as possible. By taking certain steps to cope with the loss of divorce, couples can find effective ways to minimize their distress and secure an amicable split.

  1. Deal with your emotions first: Of all the things that come with a divorce, emotional pain and change can be some of the worst. Do not let these emotions overtake you or let them fester into something that will pull you down long term. Seek counseling, spend time with friends, and remember that this too will pass. Dealing with your personal emotions can help you deal with your situation more effectively and reduce feelings of resentment towards your spouse – a gift which can be critical if you have children together.
  2. Get organized: The process of divorce requires spouses to collect a massive amount of documents and paperwork, including tax returns, property deeds, birth certificates, bank statements, and personal records, among others. It is important you start to collect these documents as soon as you can and know where to access these documents. Being organized can help make the process of distributing your assets and debts easier.
  3. Keep an open channel for communication: A divorce can be greatly simplified if spouses are willing to communicate with each other and collaborate towards a mutually acceptable arrangement. Being open and honest with your spouse will be far better in the long run than using divorce as an opportunity to exact your revenge in some way.
  4. Be willing to compromise: While you and your spouse will not always agree, it is important that you are open to a certain level of give-and-take to solve certain key issues such as child custody and visitation. Compromising with your spouse can help you get the experience of divorce behind you more quickly and get on the road towards a new beginning.
  5. Do not do anything rash: It is likely that you will be overwhelmed with emotion during this time and will want to take actions to get back at your spouse for hurting you. Do not act on these emotions! Making rash decisions will only serve to worsen your situation, as they can come back to haunt you later on in court.

Compassionate Divorce Advocacy in Dutchess County

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