Divorce FAQ: Can a Divorce Be Canceled?

In the heat of a serious argument, people can make hasty or irrational decisions. Sometimes this means throwing a shoe across the room, and other times it means deciding to file for a divorce. For as many people as there are who want to end their marriages, there might be many more who actually want to try to work things out and stay together, perhaps utilizing only a legal separation.

The question that many people run into after filing for divorce is whether or not they can actually cancel it.

Dismissing Divorce with the County Clerk

Legal statutes sometimes sound more like legal statues in the way that they set things in stone. Luckily for many people, divorce proceedings are not quite that permanent. With quick intervention, you can actually stop a divorce from happening.

If you were the one who filed the petition in the first place and you never got a response from your spouse, you can go to the county clerk and sign a dismissal yourself. If your spouse did file a response, you both need to go down to the county clerk’s office and sign a dismissal form together.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, keep in mind that this all must be done before a divorce court provides a judgement. If you reconciled shortly after the court made its ruling and now you want to attempt to nullify that decision, matters can be fragile and infinitely more complicated. The best choice may be to team up with one of our Dutchess County divorce attorneys from the Law Office of Dennis R. Vetrano, Jr., LLC and let us do all the heavy lifting and legwork. With creativity and know-how, we may yet be able to find a solution for you and your spouse that caters to your needs.

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